When it comes to managing all wealth management needs, our team of financial planners starts with a thorough understanding of your objectives, lifestyle, liquidity needs and the nature of the legacy you wish to create for your family. As long-standing professionals in guiding clients through successful financial transitions, we will spend a great deal of time helping you understand and anticipate what you want to accomplish. Knowing where you want to go helps us plot an efficient and effective course for successfully delivering against your goals.

To learn more about our process for developing a strategy that will work for your particular situation, contact us. We will set up a working session to discuss our approach and your objectives.


Asset Allocation and Manager Selection

The path to financial freedom is often obscured by a host of complex decisions and options. Flexibility, performance and foresight are needed to ensure a single portfolio is optimized and aligned with your particular vision for the future.

Gryphon Financial Partners combines a potent investment allocation process, financial insight and astute leadership with a selection of talented managers to create cash flow solutions for lifestyle, liquidity and personal legacy objectives.

The result: Our clients achieve uncommonly customized portfolio constructions and the confidence that comes from knowing we are watching over their wealth.

Advocate for Wealth


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    Step 1: Right-Fit Discovery
    We listen and learn to gain a deep level of understanding about the financial and family priorities of our clients. We share about our process and establish a vision for the future.
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    Step 2: Opportunity Analysis
    Using insight about each client’s goals, their unique cash flow needs and the specific asset allocation structure to achieve it, we create an individually tailored cash flow model.
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    Step 3: Balance Sheet Presentation
    By taking a total balance sheet approach, we help our clients understand their unique investment philosophy and how it drives the asset allocation strategy we’ve designed to address their lifestyle, liquidity and legacy needs.
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    Step 4: CFO-like Management
    We function as our client’s CFO to simplify the experience as we implement our asset management strategy. We employ concierge-level support and discrete guidance throughout the life of the relationship.
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    Step 5: Financial Freedom
    As life changes and needs evolve, we will continue to meet regularly to assess our progress and maintain the alignment among the portfolio, goals and any liquidity needs that may arise.


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    Global Economy
    We review and analyze various economic indicators to forecast the health of financial markets. An understanding of the trends driving these indicators allows us to position portfolios for specific financial market outcomes and risks.
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    Government Fiscal and Monetary Policy
    Government policies can greatly impact financial markets. This may include changes in tax policy or changes in interest rates. By researching the factors and indicators driving policy, we can assess the health of the economy and forecast potential financial market outcomes.
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    Sentiment shows how people feel about business conditions or financial markets. We use several measures of sentiment to gauge the level of optimism or pessimism toward a specific market.
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    Inflation represents the general rise in the level of prices and the erosion of purchasing power over time. We closely monitor inflation for its potential impact on economic activity and interest rates.


Lifestyle   |   Liquidity   |   Legacy


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    Step 1: Capability Filter
    We use an open architecture structure to form an unbiased screening for fund managers with superior performance, growth and dedication to preservation of capital.
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    Step 2: Quantitative Analysis
    We validate the background of the candidates against our Elements of Manager Selection criteria to examine the ability of a potential fund manager to add value through their investment process.
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    Step 3: Qualitative Analysis
    Our Chartered Financial Analyst® conducts personal interviews to ensure client goal compatibility, strength and sustainability of the fund manager’s philosophy, and the highest measures of personal integrity.
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    Step 4: Operational Assessment
    Outside resources enable us to perform an objective final review of each fund manager and additional details, including organizational and financial strengths, audits and background checks.
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    Step 5: Monitor
    Through risk-adjusted return, the tracking of our wealth managers against peer performance and style drift, and strict adherence to ongoing professional oversight, we maintain high quality talent.


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    Organization and Team
    The organization and investment team are expected to be of high quality with strong business and ethical standards. The investment team should have a long track record of investing together with their interests aligned with clients.
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    Investment Philosophy and Process
    We expect our managers to maintain a clear and consistent investment process that has been implemented in various economic environments.
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    Risk Management
    We work hard to understand the risk involved with each investment. This includes understanding the potential for loss in various economic environments and the investment’s underlying exposures at any given point in time.
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    Performance is a key factor but it often doesn't tell the full story. We review the historical performance of our fund managers relative to their peers and to a style benchmark. Over rolling periods, we expect that our managers should outperform on a tax and risk-adjusted basis.


Where Life and Wealth Intersect

For us, offering advice is not limited to just planning and making investment recommendations for your financial assets. It’s about taking a more holistic approach, one that begins with helping you and your family truly define and articulate your goals, dreams and concerns. It’s about being available whenever you need us and helping you make the best decisions about the things you want your money to accomplish in your day-to-day life, whether you are a business owner, corporate executive, or are in need of tailored advice from an experienced team of family wealth managers.

Whether it’s negotiating an employment contract, offering suggestions for protecting your identity and credit, working with you to make well-informed decisions about transitioning an ailing parent into long-term care or finding the right executive health physical examination provider in your area—consider us your trusted resource. In fact, for many of our clients, we are their first call—in good times and bad. You can rely on us to connect you to the information and experts you need as you move through your life, achieve your goals and live out your dreams.


Continued Collaboration

A truly successful transition is not just found in arriving at the desired destination with minimal effort on your part. It comes from being able to remain there. Our process is more than thorough; it is flexible enough to adjust as circumstances — both personal and economic — and objectives change.

Once we arrive at a solution, we are focused on working with you to ensure that it remains relevant and optimal to your current situation.

Reports accommodate multiple custodians, total balance sheet reporting and daily performance returns. Click to enlarge.